Donate Gear or Goods

We are currently accepting:

Our donation drop off is located at Mississippi Records (5202 N Albina Ave, Portland, OR 97217). Please drop off items during their store hours (12:00pm-7:00pm).

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All equipment must be in working condition, if you are unsure please test out equipment beforehand. We appreciate donations and don’t always have the resources to repair and fix certain equipment so it’s important equipment works properly!

If you are unsure about an item please email with any questions or concerns. We provide a tax receipt by email or are happy to physically mail it out!

** Important needed items!


  • small guitar/bass practice amps

  • tube/combo guitar and bass amps

  • guitar/bass amplifier heads and stacks/speakers/cabs

  • PA systems, speakers, heads **

  • Keyboard amplifiers **

  • Condensor vocal microphones

  • instrument microphones


  • Electric Guitars

  • Electric Bass Guitars

  • Left handed guitars and basses **


  • Full Drum sets (5 pieces: snare, kick, floor tom, two rack toms)

  • Thrones/Drum stools

  • Cymbals

  • Drum Heads

  • Kick Pedals

  • Drum Sticks

  • Tambourines, Shakers, percussion instruments, wood blocks etc

Recording Equipment:

  • power conditioners

  • ompressors

  • micorophone amplifiers, splitters

  • mixers

  • software (abelton, protools etc)


  • Guitar and Bass soft cases **

  • Drum hardware, drum hardware bags **, percussion mallets, brushes, hotrods, and drum keys

  • XLR Cables, 1⁄4 inch Instrument cables, 1⁄4 inch Speaker Cables

  • Picks

  • Guitar straps

  • Moving gig bags **

  • Stage tuners

  • Turntable mixer

  • Audio interfaces

  • Handheld mp3 recording devices and condenser mics

  • An external hard drive (ideally one terabyte)

  • Earmuff-style headphones — especially ones made for small heads!

  • Rubbermaid tubs - variety of sizes

  • Office and art supplies — colorful paper, permanent markers, paint pens, screen-printing ink

Gift certificates and gift cards for raffles, volunteer gifts, and camp purchases:

  • Sibelius

  • Final Cut Pro

  • Reason

Use our Wish List to donate gear or goods via where you can designate a portion of sales to be donated to Rock 'n' Roll Camp for Girls.

Our most-needed items include new or gently used PA's or powered speakers and Mac iPads that are less than three years old.

Donate securely by Credit Card