Girls Rock Institute

For Ages 8-17

One hour of instrument instruction followed by an hour of band practice! Students learn bass, guitar, or drums, then form bands and write an original song to perform at the end-of-term Showcase. We have enough instruments for everyone, but bring your own if you wish, or check one out from our free instrument lending library for current participants. Workshops like Songwriting and Vocal Techniques, Alternative Instruments, and Stage/Showcase Prep are held throughout the session.

RnRC4G Presents … An All-Ages Booking, Promotion, and Production Youth Series (ages 13-17)

Want to find new bands to love, book them at your local all-ages venue, and put on a rad show? Us too! This program will walk you through the process of finding, contacting, booking, promoting, and producing an all-ages show! Learn everything from how to find bands, book them, create stage plots for soundcheck, craft press releases, and all the day-of-show know-how! This program does not offer instrument instruction or band practice, so it’s perfect for girls who want to approach music from another direction or who want to get involved but aren’t interested in playing an instrument…yet!

Rock Camp Studio (ages 13-17)

Rock Camp Studio is intended for girls who have some experience playing an instrument. Students will learn to record, mix, and produce their own music using a variety of techniques ranging from computer software to four-tracks. No experience in music software, electronic beat making, or recording is necessary.

Hip-Hop Elements (ages 10-17)

Hip-Hop Elements is centered around the four core elements of hip-hop: B-girling, MC-ing, DJ-ing, and graffiti. Students learn to spin records, scratch, make and loop beats, use drum machines, and use midi keys. No experience or equipment is necessary.

Special Workshop Series 

We hold workshops throughout the year — some are open to girls only and some to women of all ages! Classes are available as drop-ins or as a whole set. From pedals and effects to alternative instruments and music videos, come learn about new aspects of music creation and performance. Stayed tuned for information about our latest series!

All programs culminate in a showcase of student work at a local venue.