I’m on the road as I write, driving home from tour through San Francisco, feeling so much excitement for the show Saturday! I’ve been involved with GRI since I was a sophomore in college: as an intern that helped set up rooms,  as a drum instructor and band coach, and now as a program manager that helps organize all the logistical needs of the program. I can’t say that any program has been better than the other because all the bands created through GRI write amazingly beautiful songs, unique to their own style.

The L’s, .5 of Mella, Sugar Rush, Rock Planet and Ironic Maiden are going to rock the house today! Each band has worked so hard throughout this program and has come up with songs that will melt your heart.

The second program that I’ve been so excited to be a part of is one that I believe is extremely important to the Portland music community.  The program is called RnRC4G Presents and it’s an all-ages program for girls that teaches them how to book and put on shows. The girls in the program have worked so hard to set up their first show ever, booking local and amazing bands such as Spider and the Webs. Our mission is to inspire young girls to take charge of their music community and give them the tools they need to create the type of community in which they wish to thrive in.

In the program, they learned skills such as advancing shows, how to book a tour and how to determine the type of financial deal for each respective band and venue.

Get ready for these movers and shakers! They are here to thrive.

Katherine Paul, After-school Programs Supervisor