Summer Camp

What's rock camp all about?

Rock 'n' Roll Camp for Girls Summer Camp is a 6-day music empowerment program welcoming girls, transgender (regardless of identity), and gender non-conforming youth ages 9-17.

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At summer camp we encourage our campers to discover the power of their voice through collaborative music creation and performance.


At summer camp every camper learns an instrument, forms a band, writes an original song, and performs their song live at a local Portland venue.


Rock Camp is a community of supportive allies made up of our campers, their families, our volunteers, staff, board, and donors who all value and uphold what we believe…

Social Justice

At summer camp we engage our campers in workshops on gender identity, cultural appropriation, racial and gender equity in music, and identifying stereotypes in the media. We encourage campers to understand and engage with these topics so they feel confident in supporting social justice in the world.

Life Skills

Collaboration, problem solving, effective communication, listening, and time management are just some of the skills that are learned during the course of tackling the challenges of a week at Rock Camp.


Dancing, singing, getting loud, being silly, making a zine, designing a logo, screen printing, sometimes even slip ’n’ slides are all part of the fun at Rock Camp!

Summer Camp 2021

This is a 6 day program, Monday — Saturday. Saturday is the grand finale of camp where all campers perform! It is imperative that you select a week of camp where you can commit to the full 6-day program.


ession 1: June 22 — June 27, 2020

Session 2: July 6 — July 11, 2020

Session 3: July 20 — July 25, 2020

Session 4 TEEN WEEK:
August 3 — August 8, 2020
featuring extended band practice time, gear repair, how to promote your band/book shows, and an audio engineering track.

Tuition & location

The Village Free School
1785 NE Sandy Blvd.
Portland OR, 97232

Tuition for camp
is $425.00 plug a $5.50 registration fee. A minimum deposit of $50 is required at the time of registration.

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We understand that for some who attend camp this amount may be challenging and we would encourage you to apply for tuition assistance. For others, who are able, we would encourage you to consider giving above the regular tuition amount to support our assistance program and help meet our mission of ensuring everyone can attend Rock Camp. Any amount given about $425.00 is considered a tax-deductible donation. This option is available at the time of registration.

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