There are SO MANY ways to help out at Rock ‘N’ Roll Camp for Girls!

We welcome individuals who are female, trans* (regardless of identity), or gender non-conforming to apply for Direct Mentorship positions at Summer Camp. We also welcome and appreciate allies of any gender identity to volunteer for Indirect Mentorship Roles. We are committed to providing a safe and inclusive environment for everyone and believe in the power of music to change our lives and the world.

Some of the many jobs at Rock Camp are...

Instrument Instructor - Band Manager - Bridge Builder - Kitchen Unicorn - Front Desk Wizard - Workshop Presenter - Heavy Lifter - Lunch Time Performer - Photographer - Videographer - Raffle Seller - Merch Pit Operator - and probably some tings we haven't even thought of yet!

Summer Camp Volunteers are 18+. All Volunteers and Interns are required to attend at least one Volunteer Orientation/Training.

Questions? Email volunteernow@girlsrockcamp.org


Interns are previous campers who have completed two sessions of camp, are 15-17 and wish to learn about the operations of camp and model leadership behavior for campers through peer mentorship and assisting adult volunteers and staff.